321 for 3/21

The Down Syndrome Community of Puget Sound (DSC) is proud to present 321 for 3/21, a 3-day bike ride in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day.

Cycling for Down Syndrome Awareness.

Trisomy 21 is the most common type of Down syndrome caused by an extra (third) copy of the 21st chromosome. In essence, a person with Trisomy 21 has three 21st chromosomes (3 – 21).

This spring from March 19th through March 21st, DSC parent, Matt Lyman will ride his bike 321 miles to correspond with World Down Syndrome Day- the 321 miles being just the right number for this ride!

Matt’s goal is to raise awareness about Down syndrome, celebrate his 7-year-old daughter Phoebe, and raise funds to support the DSC programs and services that have meant so much to Phoebe and the Lyman family.

Looking for Some Good Cyclists!!!
Interested in riding alongside Matt for a few miles or the whole trip?

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