DSC News

#GivingTuesday – November 27, 2018


On the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, we will participate in #GivingTuesday, a chance for people to give back to the organizations that mean the most to them. This isn’t just a time for donating funds to causes, it is a time for showing your appreciation.

In addition to building community, the DSC is also about education and support. While our events and Social Groups are meant to help families connect and share their experiences, we also help families and people with Down syndrome through First Call Program; The Learning Program; Understanding Adolescence & Puberty; and Ready, Set, Kindergarten.

You, our community, directly helps programs like:

First Call Program. First Call gives new parents up-to-date information about Down syndrome and connects them with resources to support them. First Call also supplies local hospitals, birthing centers, obstetricians, and genetic counselors with our New Parent Packets which contain accurate information about Down syndrome, and national and local resources.

Ready, Set, Kindergarten. Ready, Set, Kindergarten is a coalition of parents committed to the inclusion of their children with Down syndrome in general education classrooms. Parents meet the year before their children start Kindergarten to educate themselves, strategize, and form a support network. Once the students enter Kindergarten, the parents continue to offer support, idea sharing and problem solving to ensure students are receiving an inclusive education.

The Learning Program. The Learning Program is an early literacy and numeracy program for children with Down syndrome. Parents/Caregivers and children meet one Saturday per month for 10 sessions and has between 7-12 families in each class. During each 90 minute session, children receive small group instruction while in a separate classroom, adults in the program receive instruction on a wide range of topics relative to what the children are learning.

Understanding Adolescence & PubertyTeens and tweens with Down syndrome go through puberty during the same years as their typically developing peers and as with all children, they have questions and concerns about the changes affecting their bodies during this time of their life. The DSC partnered with Dr. Rebecca Partridge of the Down Syndrome Program at Virginia Mason to create a class designed for adolescents with Down syndrome and their parents that is specific to their development. The program is engaging, interactive and full of useful information that benefits our tween and teen community.

Thank you to you, our community. We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and look forward to another awesome year with you.