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Spotlight On: Maura Dunn

From left: Fiona, Steve, Maura, Flannery and Faith

Last year, the Down Syndrome Community of Puget Sound decided to hire our first employee. After a thorough interview process, we chose Maura Dunn as the DSC Program Coordinator. We decided to put the spotlight on her this month so our community can get to know her a little better!

How did you originally get involved with the DSC? My daughter Faith, who has Down syndrome, was born in 2003. I became a member of the DSC when she was young. She was even in a couple of the DSC calendars! I started organizing the tween Friends group in August 2015 and loved being a part of the organization. When the Program Coordinator job came up, I was excited to apply. I was ready to get back into the workforce after being focused on raising my family for the last 14 years. Maura and her husband, Steve, have three daughters Fiona (15), Faith (13) and Flannery (10). Their family lives in NE Seattle.

What is your favorite part of working for the DSC? I love meeting the families. I thought I knew many of the Ds families but I am realizing that there are many more great families out there that have a child with Down syndrome. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to learn from parents, especially those with children that are older than Faith.

What is your favorite event or program that the DSC runs? I love all of the events! Last year was Faith’s first Sweetheart Dance and she really enjoyed dancing with her friends (and being the center of attention!). Events are fun for my entire family – especially ones with music! I also really enjoy the Friends group meet ups. Faith has made really strong friendships with other people with Ds and any opportunity for them to get together is fabulous. She has a special bond with her friends amongst the Down syndrome community.

What would you like to see the DSC do in the upcoming year? Keep expanding on the programs we offer to benefit everyone. I would love to see more people get involved so we are engaging more people amongst our community.

What has been your greatest joy in raising a child with Down syndrome? The friends we’ve made. We have great friendships with the parents of Faith’s friends. We all have a bond that can’t be broken. Our lives took a different path after having a child with Down syndrome. This path has given us more opportunities than we could imagine and our life has changed because of it. The friends in our circle understand the joys, and challenges, in raising a child with Ds.

What are your hopes/dreams for Faith? My hope for Faith is that she lives a fulfilled life. My dream is that she lives an independent life – the same life that we want for all of our kids. I hope that she is happy, healthy, and successful in whatever she is doing. We want to ensure we are giving her the support and education she needs to support that life.

We at the DSC love having Maura as our Project Coordinator. She has helped the board implement the vision and goals we have for our community. Thank you Maura, for all that you do!