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Spotlight On: Maxford Brown

Spotlight On: Maxford Brown

Maxford Brown seems like any other teen, but he’s recently achieved local fame! He may appear unassumingly in lots of places typical for a teenager – school, sports teams, or having fun with friends – but this school year, Maxford appeared in the news! His story is inspiration to all of us about what a person can achieve with determination and persistence in pursuing a dream.

Tell us why you are famous!
“I was on KOMO News/Eric’s Heros for becoming a mascot for my school.” The full news story be viewed HERE.

How did it feel when you first put on that Eagle costume?
“I felt excited because it meant I was a mascot and I love mascots so much.”

When did you first know you wanted to become a mascot?
“When I met Harry the Husky when I was about 8 years old. Harry made me excited and happy.”

What challenges have you had on this journey to follow your dream?
“I wrote a letter in 6th, 7th and 8th grades to try to get a mascot at my school. At the end of 6th grade I got Acute Flaccid Myelitis and was in the hospital for 6 weeks. So, I couldn’t work on getting the mascot costume then. I came back in 7th grade but was in a wheelchair, and then I had to go to a lot of doctor appointments last year. I didn’t have time to try to get a mascot at our school. Now I am out of the wheelchair and was able to focus on getting the mascot to our school!”

What can you share with others about persistence to follow their dreams?
“Dream big. Write letters. Don’t give up.”

Which mascots have you met, and what have you learned from them?
“Harry the Husky, Washington State Fair mascot, Mariner Moose, Seahawks Blitz, Seattle Storm Doppler, Ingraham High School Ram, the Roosevelt High School Teddy Bear and probably more but I can’t remember. They taught me dance moves and how to be funny.”

Have you made appearances as the Eckstein Eagle in places other than Eckstein Middle School?
“Yes. I went to Nathan Hale High School for an Eckstein girls basketball game, Roosevelt High School for a girls basketball game, Eckstein Ultimate game at Ingraham High School, and I went to my uncle’s 2nd grade classroom at Lockwood Elementary to talk to the kids about writing a persuasive essay.”

Do you have any favorite moments in your time as the Eagle?
“Showing school spirit at the Roosevelt High School basketball game! I was joined by two RHS bears which was my dad and his good friend, Ron, who is a counselor at RHS! Also, my first time being an Eagle mascot was for the Eckstein Ultimate game and I was scared but went out on the field and it was really fun!!!”

How do you spend your time when you are not dressed as the Eagle?
“I play on a basketball team and am on swim team and I like to bowl with my friends. I also play softball in the spring.”

What else would you like people know about Maxford Brown?
“I love music, especially Kenny Chesney and Imagine Dragons. I love burritos and watching football. I would love to pie anyone in the face! I have an older sister, Grace, and younger brother, Zachary. I have a black lab named Elsie.”