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Spotlight On: Mia Crump

Last month, we introduced you to Elaine Walker, Special Olympics coach for the Washington State Gymnastics Team competing in the 2018 USA Games being held in Seattle this July. This month, we thought we’d introduce you to one of the athletes,13 year old Mia Crump. Mia placed 1st, All-Around, at the SOWA Fall Games, qualifying her for the USA Games.

Congratulations! Are you excited to represent Special Olympics Washington (SOWA) at the USA Games?
I am very excited for the USA Games! I have been dreaming of going to the Olympics for a really long time. I want to know what it is like to be a world champion.

How long have you been doing gymnastics?
3 years. It’s my favorite sport. I really like my coaches.

What are your favorite events?
I like them all. My favorite just depends on the day. Today, my favorites are the bars and the beam. I like going around on the bars and tumbling on the beam. Handstands are my favorite trick to do.

What are you doing to prepare for the USA Games?
We have not started official practices yet. My goal right now is to memorize all my routines. The beam routine is the hardest to remember.

What else do you enjoy doing?
Besides gymnastics, I like swimming and skiing. I enjoy school. My favorite subject is Japanese. I have lots of friends at school and outside of school.

What’s your favorite DSC event?
I like them all, but my favorite is the Buddy Walk because it celebrates who I am.

You can come support Mia and the other SOWA USA Games gymnasts when they march out with the UW Husky Gymnastic Team before their meet against Oregon State THIS SATURDAY (2/10) at 1:30pm at Alaska Airlines Arena.