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Spotlight On: Ayman King

Spotlight On: Ayman King

To get some pandemic perspective from our community, we spoke with Ayman King (20) about how and what he is doing during the stay-at home order.

How are you spending your time at home during this pandemic?

I use a daily schedule and check things off. Some things are drum practice, reading, writing, go on walks, all the chores, cooking, listen to music and make TiK Toks. We do FlipGrid in ACT (transition program) to see my classmates. Facebook, email, text, Zoom, Sponge Bob.

What does inclusion mean and why is it important?

Inclusion means work as a team. We can unite the people. Inclusion lets everyone share their best lives and positive thinking. It helps all of us be stronger for the world to be a better place.

How have you fought for inclusion?

I expect to be included. People include me. I don’t fight, but I represent for people for inclusion. I am an example to have high standards to live a better life. People (who don’t have Down syndrome) see me and know me, so they know it is good to be together. I have a good attitude. I lift people up to help them be happy and strong. I represent Down syndrome.

What have you done to help others understand the importance of inclusion?

At Liberty High School in Unified Basketball I did #RESPECT. I was Vice President. We have hoodies and t-shirts. It is a program to raise awareness, so the high schoolers sign up for respect for inclusion.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I am a good drummer and I practice a lot. I have a drum kit in the basement and electronic drums in my bedroom. I can play a lot of songs. I am learning to play “I Feel Good” by James Brown. I like making playlists on Spotify and Amazon. I read books and write letters and emails and texts. I ride my bike and I like to hike. I like to learn to cook different things.

What is your favorite DSC memory?

I have a lot of memories, like CanBike, Sweetheart Dances and Buddy Walks, Megarama Days, Pazzo’s Pizza. I was a little kid on my dad’s shoulders at the Buddy Walk, and talking on stage with my dad at Sweetheart Dance and Buddy Walk. My favorite memory is the Buddy Walk at Woodland Park Zoo last year.

What has been your favorite part about DSC Adult Group Meet-Ups?

My favorite part would be the trivia questions. I like to answer them for puzzling my brain. It is a fun competition with friends. I like to see all the adult friends to say, “Hey, how’s it going?” We dance and talk about our best lives. It makes us happy.