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Spotlight On: Eric Angelo

Spotlight On: Eric Angelo

Eric Angelo has been selected by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) as one of the 500 people to be featured in the video presentation that is being aired in Times Square during the New York City Buddy Walk on September 12th.

The Angelo Family has participated in the Puget Sound Buddy Walk since Eric was young. At the 2012 Buddy Walk, Eric helped to distribute Buddy Walk fliers at the start of the event. Eric loves seeing his friends at the Buddy Walk as well as dancing to live music.

Eric is very excited and proud that his photo will be included in the NDSS video, along with others who are engaged in community activities. To Eric, inclusion means being able to be a contributing part of his community in an activity that is both meaningful to and enjoyable for him. At events, Eric always makes sure that others are included and that they, literally, have a seat at the table.

The Angelo Family has been involved with the DSC for many years. When Eric was a youngster, their family was part of DSC’s LAUNCH group, which met with other families once a month over a ten-year period to hear informative speakers while their kids played with supervision in the Highland Center gym. Now that Eric is older, he enjoys participating in the DSC Adult Group Zoom meetings.  

Eric has been working at Microsoft since January 2016. In his spare time, Eric participates in Northshore Wrangler Inclusion programs such as bowling, dances and social gatherings and currently in their online yoga, martial arts, cooking, dancing, sign language, and exercise Zoom classes, taking drama classes with STG, weekly horseback riding lessons at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center (since 2001), being a scorekeeper for his dad’s volleyball team, going to the movies with friends, listening to music, and swimming (Eric is on a Special Olympics team). Eric also likes to do family/friend walks, bike rides, and kayak paddles and going camping. Eric is very social, has an incredible memory, and a wonderful sense of humor and delightful joie de vivre that draws people in.

View the NDSS Press Release Here