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Spotlight On: Joey Kane

Spotlight On: Joey Kane

We are so fortunate to have a self-advocate on the DSC Board of Directors. This month we interviewed Joey Kane, to learn more about his job and his involvement with the DSC.

What is your favorite part about being on the DSC Board of Directors?
My favorite part of being on the DSC Board of Directors is being able to give my ideas and to help come up with different programs that benefit the families in the Down Syndrome Community.   

How do you stay involved with DSC?
The way that I stay involved with the DSC is that I follow all the DSC Social Media accounts. One of my sisters encouraged me to make my Instagram account public so that the DSC families could follow me and see an adult with Down Syndrome enjoying a great life. After this pandemic, I hope to help out with different activities and programs within the DSC.

Where do you work?
I work at a nursing home in West Seattle called Providence Mount St. Vincent. I am honored to be able to work at a place where I feel at home. There are about 300 people who live there and I have great friendships with many of the residents. I work in dining services. Before the pandemic, I worked in the cafeteria and I prepared for dinner and served the residents their meals and then I would clean up after dinner. Because of the pandemic the cafeteria is closed so my coworkers and I deliver dinner to the resident’s rooms. 

Tell us about your Buddy Walk team and who participated.
I had so much fun building my Buddy Walk team! I spent many hours calling my friends and family to ask if they can help me support the Down Syndrome Community. I am so blessed that everyone who contributed to my team wanted to help me in supporting such a great cause. My team had 68 participants from all around the country and I am so proud we were the Top Fundraising Team!

What does inclusion mean to you?
To me, inclusion means treating everyone with respect and never leaving anyone out.